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R and B City DJ was started by Ryan Kleczynski and Brandon Belian in June of 2018. The first event that started their business was their school's field day in seventh grade with just an iPad and two speakers. Since then they have entertained anything from a kids birthday party to a fundraiser for breast cancer and invested in a lot of equipment

Star Night Theaters was also started by Ryan and Brandon in July of 2020. Due to COVID-19 R&B City DJ was not getting many inquiry's so they decided to come up with an idea where they could use their equipment from the DJ business and do outdoor movies. Outdoor movies can easily be accommodated with the COVID guidelines so it was a great way to get friends and family together.

Star Night Theaters started off with only one movie screen and the two owners. By the end of July the business expanded to 3 setups and 4 employees. They are expected to have done over 65 movie nights by the end of October. 
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